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Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

What is Juice Cleansing?

To do a juice cleanse, means you are only consuming a liquid only diet for the duration of days you wish to cleanse for. This diet would commonly consist of an abundance of colourful fruit and vegetables, with some juice cleanses incorperating nuts and broths. You will not consume any chewable solid foods whilst on a juice cleanse.

What is Cold pressed Juice

The term cold pressed juice refers to the method of juicing used to extract the liquid from fruit, veg and nuts.This method commonly uses either a hydraulic press or a cork screw style machine, both these methods work on very slow speeds which work to limit heat or oxygen build up during the juicing process. Thus producing a juice that retains more nutrients then traditional centrifugal machines, which work off speed and heat.
In saying this for the 3 day cleanse we provide 6 x 375ml cold pressed juices per day (18 in total for the 3 days). Also including 1 x energizer shot per day ( 3 in total for the 3 days) and 1 Active Blends Cooler, it’s yours to keep.

Benefits of Cleansing

Better Health: Since fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, drinking fresh juice, boosts your daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and other anti-inflammatory compounds that boost your energy & immunity, which lead to improved overall
Improved Digestion: Raw juice contains enzymes that may improve digestion. In fact, research shows a juice-based diet can alter intestinal microbiota to improve weight loss in as little as three days. Supports your body natural detox process: In doing so, a veg and fruit only diet clears the diet of added sugar, refined foods, caffeine and any other foods and substances that can deplete energy due to digestion time.
Aids in improving skin complexion: the enzymes found in fruits help cleanse the toxins that reduce your skin complexion. these enzymes also help to remove the toxins which aid in acne and various other skin issues.

Do You Have A Partner?

Try the Couples Reset Cleanse!
Your partner, friend, or family member can play a major role in your healthy habits. Studies show that when people participated in a healthy habit with another person, they are more than twice as likely to improve.
Other studies suggest that people tend to mirror the health behaviors of those around them. For example, it was found that if one partner improved their exercise regime, the other was significantly more likely to follow suit. This could be applied to such things as healthy eating, sleeping patterns, and much more.
Therefore to ensure your cleanse success, we suggest that if you have a partner that is willing to start a cleanse, to do it together.

Some Reviews

“Such a great cleanse! Surprisingly didn’t feel as hungry as I thought I would have. A bit tired on the second and third day but was still fine to work full days and do afternoon yoga classes. I used this as a re-set to eating healthy again and it worked perfectly. Highly recommend! ?” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Jackie 

“I did the 3 day juice cleanse, it was great and so convenient having every bottle labeled with numbers in the order of the juices to have daily. The price is very affordable also.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Kylie Viney
“Something that healthy and tasting that good is rarely heard of!
Highly recommend this 3 day cleanse not too long at all to stick to!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-Lee Renshaw

Frequently Asked Questions

The 3 day cleanse comes to $179, this payment is made when you purchase the 3 day cleanse.
We do not accept this form of booking, only way to book a cleanse is to pay prior and follow the booking link process.
It is recommended that you listen to your body and give your body what you wish to based off how you are feeling. Under normal circumstances, your body does not require chewable food during this 3 day cleanse.
Pick up location is at Active Blends Parkside Plaza at K01/245 Bridge Rd, West Mackay QLD 4740
We do not offer delivery.
A cleanse can be done more then once, it is up to the individual who is wishing to juice cleanse to decide on the frequency of juice cleansing.
The 3 day reset cleanse is designed to flood your body with an abundance of nutrients, leaving you feeling lighter, refreshed and more vibrant. It is found that whilst on a juice cleanse that sleep is affected in a positive way. Due to the abundance of nourishing nutrients from the 3 days worth of juices, you may find that your normal cravings for sugar and coffee have been suppressed, leaving you looking to consume more vibrant and colorful wholefoods.
• 3 x 375ml Alkerlizer • 3 x 375ml Glow • 3 x 375ml D- Tox • 3 x 375ml Green Kick • 3 x 375ml Earthy Beats • 3 x 375ml Sooth Mylk • 3 x 50ml Energizer Shot • Active Blends cooler bag
It is recommended that you drink an additional 1.5-2L of water minimal while being on the cleanse, this helps flush the toxins out of your body. Increasing water intake will also help keep head aches and any food cravings at bay until you have your next juice.
Every body is different and will handle a cleanse completely different to the next. Your diet and lifestyle leading up to the cleanse will certainly play a big role in the effectiveness of the cleanse as well as the symptoms you may experience. If you are experiencing moody symptoms it is always good to check in with yourself and acknowledge that you are on a cleanse, this will bring better awareness to your mood and help educate people around you if you are cleansing in a team/work environment. If you are feeling sick or un well and the severity continues you may choose to consume food, this is completely fine to do. We recommend choosing fresh fruit, raw veggies or a salad. It is important that you listen to your body during the process.
No you shouldnt undertake a juice cleanse, as the aim of a juice cleanse is to eliminate toxins and waste. These toxins enter the blood stream for elimination, which puts extra stress on our body already and not ideal for current energy required for your growing baby.
First, you order online, then you will receive an email with a booking URL. Please book a time/date to pick up your 3 day cleanse from Active Blends Parkside.