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How to drastically improve your sleep patterns

Have you ever gone to bed after a big meal and struggled to fall asleep?

Your tummy feels heavy or uncomfortable and you feel restless.

You might even have vivid dreams or broken sleep throughout the night.

While this can be considered normal for many people, if you want to improve your health and introduce deeper, more restful sleep into your life, switching up your diet could be the answer.

Countless customers who have completed an Active Blends juice cleanse report experiencing improved sleep during the three-day period.

So what is the connection between a juice cleanse and sleep?

Well, it turns out your restless nights could be caused by one of the largest organs in your body – the digestive system.

Made up of the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine, the digestive system uses between 15-30% of your daily calorie consumption just to process food. It’s not surprising you feel tired after eating carbs – your digestive track is zapping your energy as it tries to break down the meal.

This process plays a role in your sleep patterns as well, with your body working hard on digestion overnight to get you ready for the next day. While this is normal for the body, it can lead to a restless night especially if your body is prioritising digestion as opposed to focusing on restorative, deep sleep.

Now that you know all of this…what steps can you take to finally get that peaceful, unbroken sleep you’ve been yearning for?

  1. Detox your body

A juice cleanse provides the detoxification that your body sometimes needs when leading a busy lifestyle. Our Active Blends three-day cleanse is perfect for someone who is always on the move but needs that internal repair and restoration. Also, since you won’t be experiencing the consistent digestion of heavy foods throughout the night, you might find that your slumber is much deeper.

  1. Eat your last meal earlier in the day

Following your juice cleanse, it is a good idea to avoid eating any carb-heavy meals before bedtime to encourage a restful sleep. The earlier you eat your last meal, the more time your digestive system will have to break down the food before you head to bed.

  1. Move your body

It’s no surprise that exercise is key to a restful sleep. Not only do you burn energy during exercise, but your body will also work to repair your muscles overnight resulting in a deeper, more restorative sleep. Try and schedule your exercise several hours before heading to bed as a workout can give you a natural rush of energy leaving you feeling alert.

  1. Eat the rainbow

Incorporating plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables into your diet – in solid form and juice form – can be beneficial to your sleep. Certain foods may help improve sleep due to the small amounts of sleep-promoting chemicals they contain like melatonin and magnesium. Some good foods to include are cherries, banana, avocado, kale and soybeans.

While a juice cleanse may not be a miracle cure for your restless nights, the increase in vitamins and minerals you will be consuming could kick your immune system into gear.

When your body functions well, it usually correlates with a better sleep…win, win right?

If you are still not sure whether a juice cleanse is right for you, check out our latest blog explaining the top 10 things that will happen to your body during a juice cleanse.

As always, it’s time to eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve…

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