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How to improve your skin from the inside out

In a world of fast-food options, high levels of sugar and saturated fats are found in almost everything from breads, soft drinks and packaged foods.

Even seemingly ‘healthy’ options can be filled with chemicals and refined sugar, so it’s no surprise conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are on the rise.

But did you know one of the most common (and often debilitating) conditions in the world is acne?

Many of our customers come to us seeking out a solution to their skin problems, and luckily, our fresh cold-pressed juices are a terrific way of giving your body a refresh – effectively detoxing the skin.

While nothing is a miracle fix, a juice cleanse is a simple way of drinking pure nutrition – one of the key factors to healthy skin.

Limiting the amount of heavy foods during a cleanse also gives your digestive system a rest and studies show a balanced gut can often be linked to clear skin!

If you’re struggling with breakouts but are unsure whether a juice cleanse is right for you, we’ve put together a list of the top four reasons a detox can improve your skin (and the changes you might notice) from the inside out.

Check out the list below and leave a comment if you can relate!

  1. Your skin will start to show signs of a ‘detox’

It’s quite common for your skin to purge itself when you first start a juice cleanse. People might notice their skin actually breaks out a little, but this is because your body is going through a detox which shows first in your skin. Your body is being flooded with vitamins and minerals and by only consuming liquids, you are giving your gut a chance to reset and get rid of any built-up toxins.

  1. Your skin will look and feel hydrated

We all know staying hydrated is important for our health. During a juice cleanse you are consuming more than two litres of vitamin-packed liquid each day – and that’s without counting any water! It is recommended to drink about two to three litres of water a day during your cleanse to assist in the detoxification process and this level of hydration works wonders for your skin. You might find your face feels smoother and the whites of your eyes are brighter.

  1. Skin conditions like psoriasis or rosacea might improve

Inflammatory skin conditions can often improve once digestive issues are under control. You might find redness decreases and breakouts become less frequent. Detoxing the liver and bowels with a juice cleanse and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables can help give your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. While our kidneys detox our body naturally, consuming large amounts of processed foods over time can leave us overworked. Our organs end up using excess energy to perform their natural roles which can leave you feeling sluggish and heavy and your skin dull.

  1. A boost of antioxidants can help you glow

There are many fruits and vegetables packed with antioxidants capable of improving your complexion. Apple, ginger, carrot, cucumber and lemon are some of our top picks for calming your skin, preventing aging and hydrating your cells. Try Active Blends’ Alkerlizer juice for the ultimate hit of vitamins and minerals. Containing apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, ginger and lemon – your skin and stomach will appreciate the detox.

While breakouts are normal, we totally understand how much clear skin can improve your confidence. There’s no better feeling than stepping out fresh faced and glowing, with skin that is hydrated and nourished from the inside out.

If you’ve tried expensive skin creams, facials and medication but nothing has worked – it might be time to look at your diet and start eliminating processed foods one by one.

An Active Blends three-day juice cleanse is an easy way to kickstart healthy eating and help you identify which food groups cause a skin flare-up. After your cleanse, start by eating fruits and vegetables before slowly re-introducing dairy, gluten and caffeine.

You might be pleasantly surprised at how great your skin looks by simply removing some of the most common foods like milk or bread.

We can’t wait to help make your skin goals a reality!

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