Active Blends Superfood Bar

Mackay’s newest and best Superfood bar. Where we inspire active and healthy lifestyles, through specialising in Smoothies, Juices, Acai and superfood bowls

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  • You’ve got a million questions swirling around in your head – and fair enough, if you’re a newbie at juice cleansing then you are going to feel a little unsure. But don’t stress, you are in good hands. The Active Blends team are experts at creating healthy, delicious and fresh juices that will fill your body with vitamins and minerals.

  • Limiting the amount of heavy foods during a cleanse also gives your digestive system a rest and studies show a balanced gut can often be linked to clear skin! If you’re struggling with breakouts but are unsure whether a juice cleanse is right for you, we’ve put together a list of the top four reasons a detox can improve your skin

  • While it’s normal (and perfectly fine) to treat yourself with that delicious bakery pastry from time to time, if you find you can’t go a day without eating something sweet, it might be time to hit the reset button on your diet.

  • This process plays a role in your sleep patterns as well, with your body working hard on digestion overnight to get you ready for the next day. While this is normal for the body, it can lead to a restless night especially if your body is prioritising digestion as opposed to focusing on restorative, deep sleep.