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Mackay’s newest and best Superfood bar. Where we inspire active and healthy lifestyles, through specialising in Smoothies, Juices, Acai and superfood bowls


We are awesome fruits and we care about favorit drink

Smoothies & Juices

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    They Say

    Soooo it tastes so fantastic that being healthy is just an added bonus - Eating it for the flavour and winning health wise as well!

    Cherrie Hughes
    Smothie Lover

    They Say

    Had the protein waffles and OMG, they were the best! had the Thai beef noodles last week, even better...cant wait for the next item to try ?

    Crystal Roberts-Neilsen
    Protein Waffle Lover

    They Say

    Best açai bowls ever! Friendly service and great prices, highly recommend 🙂

    Morgan Woods
    Acai Bowl Lover
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