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Active Blends Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse


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The Active Blends 3 day Reset Cleanse

This cleanse is ideal for anyone that is new to the world of cleansing. The reset cleanse is perfect for people that just want to give their body a break and just reset themselves.

  • The reset cleanse aims to support you in reducing the amount of heavy digestive foods
  • Leave you feeling more energized
  • Feel Lighter and more clear minded
  • Create new and healthier lifestyle habits

What is included in the 3 day Reset Cleanse ?

  • 6 x 375ml cold pressed juices per day (18 in total for the 3 days )
  • 1 x energizer shot per day ( 3 in total for the 3 days)


Action to be taken after the cleanse has been purchased.

  • Confirmation email will be sent upon purchase, this will have the link to book your pick up date for your 3 day cleanse, please check your junk before reaching out to us for it.
  • 48hr notice is required for your booking, this ensure the best possible freshness of the produce and ingredients used within the cleanse.
  • Select the date that is the most suited for your pick up date
  • Your pick up date should be the date before the day you wish to start your 3 day cleanse

For more information on ingredients and nutritional values visit here:

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What is Juice Cleansing?
To do a juice cleanse, means you are only
consuming a liquid only diet for the duration of
days you wish to cleanse for. This diet would
commonly consist of an abundance of colourful
fruit and vegetables, with some juice cleanses
incorperating nuts and broths. You will not
consume any chewable solid foods whilst on a
juice cleanse.


Benefits of juice cleansing

Better Health: Since fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, drinking fresh
juice, boosts your daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and other anti-inflammatory
compounds that boost your energy & immunity, which lead to improved overall

Improved Digestion: Raw juice contains enzymes that may improve
digestion. In fact, research shows a juice-based diet can alter intestinal
microbiota to improve weight loss in as little as three days.

Supports your body natural detox process: In doing so, a veg and fruit
only diet clears the diet of added sugar, refined foods, caffeine and any
other foods and substances that can deplete energy due to digestion

Aids in improving skin complexion: the enzymes found in fruits help
cleanse the toxins that reduce your skin complexion. these enzymes also
help to remove the toxins which aid in acne and various other skin issues.

For more information on ingredients and nutritional values visit here:

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Additional information


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Reviews (19)

19 reviews for Active Blends Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

  1. Jackie (verified owner)

    Such a great cleanse! Surprisingly didn’t feel as hungry as I thought I would have. A bit tired on the second and third day but was still fine to work full days and do afternoon yoga classes. I used this as a re-set to eating healthy again and it worked perfectly. Highly recommend! 🙂

  2. Kylie viney (verified owner)

    I did the 3 day juice cleanse, it was great and so convenient having every bottle labeled with numbers in the order of the juices to have daily. The price is very affordable also.

  3. Lee Renshaw

    Just tried the 3 day cleanse provided by the awesome team at active blends !
    3 days of 6 different flavoured drinks full of goodness and wow they actually tasted great!!! Something that healthy and tasting that good is rarely heard of!
    Highly recommend this 3 day cleanse not to long at all to stick too!
    Feeling great after day 3
    Thanks again active blends

  4. Erin (verified owner)

    A wonderfully easy cleanse, juices were so tasty and support leading up was great. I’m left feeling lighter, more energised and more motivated to consume healthier foods. Thanks so much for making this available Active Blends!

  5. Leah

    Highly recommend this 3 day juice cleanse. The juices were yum, I felt lighter and had no bloating. I have already planned when I will be doing my next cleanse! Thanks so much Active Blends.

  6. Rachel (verified owner)

    The 3 day cleanse was great and the juices are actually delicious! I didn’t feel hungry at all, no stomach discomfort and ended it feeling wonderful.
    Definitely recommend!

  7. Hannah Holmes

    Wow! I completed the juice cleanse after 3 days of amazingly fresh and delicious juices.
    I love how the cleanse is organised and the information provided was very helpful.
    I felt so good during and after the cleanse, and appreciated the reset it gave my mind and body. It’s motivated me to make better choices since finishing it.
    Will be doing it again, and hope that this is a regular thing that you offer. It’s awesome!

  8. Stacey Austin

    Super easy, taste great and I felt amazing!!
    Definitely wasn’t hard going without food. There are enough juices to get through the day.
    Highly recommend.

  9. Grace

    I loved it actually.

    Today post cleanse I feel lighter, less inflamed & less fluid retention around my face, hands and ankles.

    I don’t feel hungry.

    It feel it has helped me reset my eating habits 😊😊

    Looking forward to the next cleanse.

  10. Rhonda (verified owner)

    I just did the 3 day juice cleanse. I’m in Airlie Beach and had it delivered to my front door. It arrived early on the morning I was to start it, packed in dry ice so it was still very cold and ready to go.
    The juices were all very tasty and filling. I didn’t feel hungry at all. It was a great way to reset the body and I feel great after it. It was a good kick start to a new healthy eating habit and as a bonus I lost a couple of kilos as well.
    I would highly recommend it for anyone thinking of doing it.

  11. Kieren (verified owner)

    Before starting the 3 day juice cleanse I became quite sick, the doc told me I would be pretty well bed bound over the next 10 days.
    The next day I started my juice cleanse, decided to leave the prescribe meds to the side and see if a juice cleanse would really help.
    Here I am 3 days after, still slightly sick but able to get myself out of bed and do things today!!! I feel like I have a massive boost of energy, my head and tummy feel nice a clear and I spent the day prepping nice healthy foods that I’m actually excited to eat starting tomorrow. Wanting to make it a monthly thing to do now.

  12. BIANCA (verified owner)

    Just completed the 3 day juice cleanse – great results for me overall! Weight loss – not bloated – energy levels have picked up – detoxed and feeling good mind and body! Thank you for the experience and will definitely be doing this again and have totally been recommending it to everyone! 🙂

  13. Kylie (verified owner)

    Completed my first juice cleanse and I am 9 months post baby and this is the most energy I’ve had in months. My mind and body feel light, I have no bloating. I Didn’t feel hungry at all, just a little tired at some stages but the energetiser shot really kept me going. This is exactly what I needed to reset and start making healthier eating choices. Definitely would recommend and cannot wait to complete it again.

  14. Carly (verified owner)

    Amazing! I have so much energy, even when I was completing the cleanse. On day 3 I was full of beans! Was so nice to have a reset and feeling super cleansed and energised. Was easy to stick to , I defiantly recommend and I can’t wait to do another in the near future! 🙂

  15. Alice Lancaster (verified owner)

    Loved 3 the day cleanse. It went quick and I didn’t feel hungry. Juices were delicious.

  16. Brad (verified owner)

    Already being on a plant based diet, the juice cleanse was super appealing to me. I have done juice cleanses before, but being able to have everything made fresh for you at your fingertips was really convenient.

    Every flavour tastes amazing, I found myself always looking forward to my next juice. I never felt flat or unwell during the cleanse, always felt energised. Afterward I felt even more amazing, and will definitely be returning for another cleanse.

    Highly recommend this to anyone! Will do wonders for both your mental and physical health.

  17. Lee Renshaw

    Another great 3 days
    Love doing this when the time is right!
    When it’s time to reset the mind and body and get ready to focus on what’s to come. Clears my mind and now ready to continue healthier habits again and keep the fluid intake up !

    Thanks Active blends

  18. Larissa McGlade (verified owner)

    My first juice cleanse ever made easy!
    The juices were delicious and fresh, the detox started quickly and the results amazing. By the end I felt clear in the head, light, healthy and have slept amazing since. There were no issues with working, training or playing sport. If you feel sluggish and like you need a reset this is the perfect starting off point.

  19. Jordan (verified owner)

    Just completed another juice cleanse and found this experience just as better as the last one. The juices are made on the day you collect and stay fresh for the 3 days. The most noticeable change was the quality of sleep I’m getting and I don’t feel lethargic once I’m awake.
    The day I collected my juices, the Active Blends team were super busy but Brendan still had time to answer my questions, made the time for his customers and was checking in throughout the cleanse. This is why I support small, local businesses like Active Blends! If anyone is looking for a tough mental and physical challenge, give the 3-day cleanse a go. Thanks Active Blends!

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